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90% of the proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations

The other 10% helps us expand our activity

About the Program


This mentoring program aims to connect professional experts with individuals seeking guidance and support during a professional process.

A mentor who was carefully selected based on their experience is a volunteer who donates their time and knowledge.

A mentee has an experienced mentor to accompany them on their professional journey. In exchange, they donate money.

We, in turn, donate the proceeds to our hand picked non-profit organizations. 

This way, we can create a win-win-win situation between all parties involved.


The program draws from a rich pool of volunteers from various fields (product, QA, DS, UX, HR business development, strategy, sales, etc.) and various professional levels, including seniors, team leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, etc.

As a mentee, you will have the support of both a mentor and a community of like-minded individuals for a period of 3 months! 

Upon completing your application, you will be matched with the most suitable mentor for you, and with your approval, the payment (donation fee), will be made to Give & Tech. At the end of the program, 90% of the fee will be paid to non-profit organizations (NPO) chosen by the mentor and Give & Tech.

Pairings between mentees and mentors will be determined based on your professional journey, current position, and future goals.

Please note that the application for the program doesn’t guarantee your participation.

If accepted, you will have ten, one-hour long personal mentoring sessions, and in addition, we will have 3 meetups (real, face-to-face, like the good old days).

This is the 5th cohort of the program; after helping over 200 mentees on their professional journey and donating over 200,000 NIS to non-profit organizations, we are excited to expand our reach and support even more individuals and causes.


Being a mentee is a commitment. Your mentor can’t do your work – only offer guidance and advice. 

Regardless of your level of experience – whether you’re a newcomer to the field, an intern or junior in your first job, or an entrepreneur/startup/business owner – everyone can benefit from having a mentor.

The full description is listed below.


The program kicks off with an opening session attended by all mentees, mentors, and representatives from the nonprofit organizations you’ll be supporting through your donations. This introductory meetup provides an opportunity for everyone to acquaint themselves with each other and share insights about their mentoring and personal development journey.

From this initial meetup onwards, our shared objective for the next three months is to support one another. Throughout this period, we’ll be accessible offline via WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups to address any queries or concerns.

As a mentee, you can also contribute to the group. If you wish to give a talk, to share a tip or an idea with the group – please do!  

Your first meeting with your mentor will focus on setting specific goals for the program. Afterward, in each session, your mentor will assess your progress and assist you in overcoming challenges.

Mentorship sessions will occur weekly. The scheduling of these sessions will be coordinated between you and your mentor.

Throughout the program duration, we’ll periodically reach out to gather feedback and ensure everything is proceeding smoothly.

The midpoint meetup will center on fostering deeper connections among participants through roundtable discussions.

Finally, the concluding meetup will focus on reviewing the program, sharing experiences, and gaining inspiration for the journey ahead.

How does Give & Tech mentoring process works?

1. Application

First, consider what you want to achieve and apply to the program before 06.05.2024.

2. Matching

Then, we approve the match with you, and you make the donation.

3. Set execution plan & KPI

At the beginning of the program, you and your mentor will decide on your execution plan and KPIs.

4. Measure, tune, replan

During each session, you and your mentor will assess progress, discuss insights, and strategize future action items to accomplish your goals.

5. 3 f2f group meetings

At the beginning, middle, and end of the program, we will have three meetups with insightful lecturers.

6. Donating

At the end of the program, the volunteers choose which of the participating NPOs they want to donate the proceeds to, according to the “Give & Tech volunteers donation protocol”.

Who can be a mentee

There are many scenarios where one can be a mentee; the important things are:

  1. Being actively engaged in professional development or seeking professional change.
  2. Having a clear purpose and set goals.
  3. Having the mental and time capacity, as well as a strong commitment to the program.
  4. Having a willingness to work with a mentor.

Junior-Senior looking for guidance

I seek guidance and support in X

I’m looking for my next position in X

Re skill

I want to change my role from X to Y

I want to enhance XYZ skills that I’m less familiar with.

Up skill

I want to improve my X skills.

This is my first time as X, want someone to consult with.

I want to be a pro at X.


Who we donate to

The NPOs are chosen very carefully, they all support helpless communities, and they know how to make it work. 90% of the tuition fee from the program are being donated to:

Have a look at our mentors

Hadar Miran

                                      Product @ Fairmatic

Shay Barkan


Guy Rotem

Senior Product ManagerSenior Product ManagerCheckmarx

Hagai Jacobson

                Building the Future of VOC Products @ Medallia

Oshrit Yaron

                                          Product Mentor & Consultant

Shani Wolf

B2B/B2C Marketing | Growth Marketing | Strategy Marketing | Digital Marketing

Liad Iluz

              The new way to manage database schemas

Eran Levy

  Senior Product Marketing Manager at AI21Labs Senior Product Marketing Manager at AI21Labs

Pe’era Feldman

Go-To-Market Expert | SaaS B2B Tech Marketing | Tech Storytelling | CMO | Startup Mentor |

Yaki Tzemah


Chen Mor


Hanan Hedar Hassan

                                    3rd year Data Science Student | An

Irena Graiver


Avichai Baras

                                            UX Expert |

Liron Oz

                            Product Director | B2B & Enterprise | Data & Analytics

Doron Dorani


Or Adar

Director of Product. We are hiring ⚡️💥🌈!!

Janna Gurevich


Adva Rave

                      Senior Product Designer (UX/UI)

Yoel Frischoff

                              A fractional CPO | discovery | ideation | execution

David Tsur

Product state of Mind | Founder & Mentor @ADHDoTECH (NPO)

Peleg Bahar

                                              Sr. Director,

Nitai Fine

                                  VP Product

Noga Balaban

                                Director of Product Marketing ☆ Initiator ☆ Strategist ☆

Alex Balfur


Dor Gosher

                        Head of Product at Trustmi | Cybersecurity and Fintech | B2B Payments |

Natalie shabi

  Passionate Growth Marketer | Full Stack Marketer | Marketing Machine Architect | Digital Marketing | Demand Generation | Brand Marketing

Yuval Machlin


Ety Hatton

                                        Senior Product Manager

Nir Michaeli


Raviv Vinnik

Product Manager @ OX Security | AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Alon Oring

Head of Research at Dynamic Infrastructure | Senior Lecturer at Reichman University

Idan Feilhardt


Adir Gozlan

                                          Data Scientist Team Lead

Tamar Paz

Director of Data Delivery | Director of Data Analytics | Mentor

Matan Shaham

                          Product Executive | Product Strategy | Mentor & Coaching | AI Enthusiastic

Program leaders

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

This mentoring program aims to connect professional experts with individuals seeking guidance and support during a professional process.

  • I want to change my career to X
  • I want to improve my X skills
  • I want to be a pro at X
  • I want to get a job as X
  • I want guidance and support in X
  • I want to do a project in X
  • This is my first time as X, want someone to consult with 
  • Formulate your goal as much as you can
  • Explain to us why you wish to be in this program
  • Describe what do you expect from a mentor
  • Apply for the program (please note that it might be that you will not be chosen for the upcoming program)
  • Pay & Donate to the chosen non-profit by the mentor
  • Practice with your mentor and conquer your goals

Registration is open until 06.05.24

19.05.24 – 31.07.24

We are a non-profit organization and all of the activity is based on volunteers.

Participation in the program for a private mentee costs 1000₪-2500₪.

Participation in the program for a business mentee costs 2000₪-3000₪.

You choose how much will be donated to a chosen non-profit organization according to the mentor’s and staff decisions.

Sure! We provide a receipt for each payment.

Currently, no. But if both you and your mentor wish to continue meeting after the program ends, you are most welcome to do so!

Applications are closed for this cohort

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