Our NGOs portfolio

Along with the knowledge that we share, we are focused on giving back to society.
The programs we create channel 90% of the tuition fee to non-profits organizations.
Each organization is chosen carefully after analyzing it financially, legally, and from an impact perspective.

Here is an abstract description of the approval process:

Domain of activity
We support organizations which are active in one or more of those fields:
  • Helpless communities
  • Trauma victims
  • Populations at risk
  • Nature and Sustainable lifestype
Legal documents check
Only organizations with proper management clearance and the Certificate of Tax Eligibility for Donations (Section 46).
Annual turnover

Only organizations with annual turnover is under 10M₪.
We believe that the bigger organizations are independent enough and we better support those who are more needed.

Impact effectiveness

We measure the impact effectiveness according to the ratio between the budget of management and other generalities, in comparison to the budget of their activities.
The better the ratio in favor of the activities, the more effective the organization.
The ratio should be higher with the increasing size of the turnover and manpower.

Independence of activity

We believe that organizations should think about how they can create income and revenue besides the support from the municipalities.
This is a bonus check.

The chosen ones


The crisis center for victims of violence and sexual violence in the Negev. Has been operating since 1988 in order to assist, accompany and serve as a source of emotional and practical support for victims and their relatives. Our crisis Center offers its services free of charge and anonymously to victims of rape and violence, adults as well as teens

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Tnufa la’haim

An agricultural farm for young women at risk, sexually abused, with the help of mutual care with animals. A home for homeless young women and collected animals living together and helping each other recover from the severe trauma they went through, develop and grow into an independent life.

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Bridge for Youth

Bridge for Youth (גשר אל הנוער) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. Our mission is to reduce school dropout rates among at-risk youth by providing them supportive services to encourage their success and meaningful integration into society.

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The Mehubarim Association was founded to support cancer patients, ages 20-35. The Association was founded under the initiative and leadership of Jacob Hershkowitz, in 2015, and it unites patients from all over Israel. Mehubarim connects different people, all with a common cause and a common journey, but each a whole world coping with life, before, after, and in the middle

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Rishon loves animals

Rishon Loves Animals is a non-profit animal rescue society that has been working since 2002 to create a new reality for animals in Rishon LeZion – the largest city in Israel territory-wise and the third-largest in its population. We provide the adoption of stray cats and dogs, neutering dogs up for adoption, and stray cats. Education plays a major part

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