What we believe

We believe that all living beings (humans, animals and nature) deserves a fair chance of living and evolvement. We also believe that knowledge brings expansion and awareness. Uniting these two beliefs leads our mission.

If we simply do what we love and invest ourselves in it we will flourish.

As a living creature we should develop ourselves, but no less than that, we also believe that we all share a great responsibility of contributing to others as well, in particular to those who are in some sort of lack of ability to care themselves.

We survived as species in a tribes, by exploration and learning – as individuals and as a society, and look how far we have come, we believe that by continuing doing so we will continue to evolve and do better.

For our global and personal interest and responsibility, we should seek for knowledge, evolvement, and help others by giving them the tools to better their life and achieving their goals.

Our mission is  to help others to make their personal progress and at the same time connecting them to non-profit organizations by donating all proceeds. By doing so we give all people involved the opportunity to be part of doing good, giving and making a difference .

All of our lecturers lecture free of charge and out of their free will, time and goodness, that allows us to better execute our mission.

With the right targets, it is a win win situation to all parties involved.

Expanding The Circle Of Responsibility

As we all develop ethical reasoning and ethical decision-making skills, rings of responsibility widen. Rings of responsibility contain the deferent layers: responsibility to self, others, workplace, field, society. We aim to create a community of people of likeminded people seeking to expand the circle of responsibility in all domains from the belief that everyone has the something to contribute and gain from society.

From the volunteers, sponsors, the sponsors of our location, the lecturers, the students, to the non-profit organisations and their circle an on… 

Our TEAM of volunteers


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ron weiner

חדשות טובות – Give and Tech

״גוף של מתנדבים מומחים כל אחד בתחומי ההי טק והמדע, שמעבירים קורסים וסדנאות לכל דורש ובמקום להפוך למכללה מן המניין הם מייעדים את כל ההכנסות מהפעילות לטובת עמותות ומטרות חברתיות״

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The volunteer lecturers


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