ML 4 PMs

Learn how to make an impact as a Product Manager in the domain of ML in 10 week's course

A program built for experienced Product Mangers who are thrilled to level up as ML Product Managers

About the course

A 10 weeks course built for experienced Product Managers who are thrilled to level up as ML Product Managers

Who is it for?

Experienced product managers who have at least 4 years of practical experience as product managers, or equivalent experience.

What will you learn?

  • Basic ML fundamentals to have a basic understanding of the ML process.
  • The theory needed to be understood in order to work along with data analysts and researchers.
  • The theory will be followed by weekly hands-on practices with our amazing teaching assistants.
  • The soft skills that will help you to be involved in the ML domain, work with your allies, setting business goals and lead your teams to make an impact. 

Things you should know

Starting date 18.11.2022, every Friday between 9:00-12:00.

The course will be held in Hebrew.

This is an online program using zoom.


90% of the proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations

The other 10% helps us expand our activity

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

The course begins on 18.11.22

Every Friday between 9:00-12:00, the students will learn ML

Students will also practice what they learned with mentors in small groups and work on a final project to experience product work and feedback.

Overall, the course is about 70 hours total.

  • Experienced product managers who have at least 4 years of practical experience as product managers, or equivalent experience.
  1. Initial application – Once registration opens, you will have 48 hours to submit your application.

Please note this doesn’t guarantee your place in the course, as we need to make sure applicants meet our minimum requirements for the course (you can see them under ‘Course Requirements’). 

  1. Application Review – We go over all applications and make sure they meet our course requirements.
  2. Donate and secure your place – Once you receive an email from us, you will have 48 hours to complete the registration and secure your spot in the course. The ‘cost’ of the course is a donation with a set range of  ₪2500 – ₪5000. You will be able to choose how much you’d like to donate.

Should you not complete your registration within 48 hours, we will automatically move to the next applicant on the list to secure their place, regardless of when they applied to the course.

  1. Your donation – You can see the various charities we donate to in the ‘Who we donate to’ section of this page.

90% of your donation will be used to help these charities exist and support those in need, and 10% will go to Give and Tech’s operational costs.

  • Participate in at least 80% of the lectures and practice sessions
  • Be able to work in a group and present your work.
  • 10 Lectures by industry leading product managers
  • 10 Practice sessions in small groups led by a dedicated senior product manager 
  • LinkedIn graduation certificate to include in your CV 

The association’s approach is that the donation is not a payment for the course (it is a donation and the course is a by-product), so there is no direct relationship between the number of sessions the student has had and one refund or another.

If we think the course is not for you after one or two meetings – we will return the full amount and check if it is possible to put someone else in your place.

We wish to give a fair chance to everyone, therefore the participation will be chosen randomly from the applications pool.

All course lectures, practice sessions and panels will be held in Hebrew only.

The sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch offline.

Who We Donate To

Our Lecturers

Lior Kornblum

Tech Entrepreneur | Specializing in AI | Turning ideas into E2E leading products ⭐ | Innovation leader | Startups strategic advisor and mentor | Building

Avi Luski

Head of Data Products /Process Mining/ Fintech/Life long Learner/Mentor/Data Science/SAP GURU/Fraud Detection/Audit-Tech

Shira Navot

Computer Vision & Deep Learning Algorithm Engineer at UVeye | Community Leader | Mentor

Tal Shahar

Founder & CEO at Stealth Startup + Principal at Deep Insight

ML Course Mentors

Or Hay

Senior Product Manager at Microsoft Industry AI

Course Staff

Tomer Bashiri

Product Manager | Computer Science (Hebrew University) and Photography (Bezalel)

Course Syllabus

In the course of 10 sessions, we’ll review the basics concepts of machine learning, and how they interact with the world of product management. We will discuss product management processes and methodologies and how we can use them to build ML products.

a. What is Give & Tech?

b. Get to know the non profits

c. Intro to ML for PMs – an overview of this course.

a. Structured Vs. Unstructured, Supervised Learning (Regression, Classification, Time Series) Vs. Unsupervised, Active learn method, reinforcement learning

b. DIfferent Model types (Trees, xgboost etc.)

c. Unstructured  Intro to NLP

a. CRISP DM process

b. Model Evaluation Metrics (MEA, RMSE.. Vs. Recall, Precision..)

c. Test train validation: split, cross validation, optimization cycles, sampling (and sampling methods), overfitting

a. How to define the problem space for ML products?

b. Why do DS projects fail? (Start from a rule based engine → when to evolve to ML)

c. When should & shouldn’t we use ML?

a. Collection, Preparation.. Working with Data Analysts, Maintain Model (Retrain) + use cases (PM, Data Analyst, Data Scientists),

b. ML & Data infra & platform i. (ETLs, Big Data, ML Ops)

a. Explainability: How can product managers harness this as a cool user facing feature to increase prediction adoptions and trust

b. Bias & Ethics: Our role in preventing real life biases

a. ML Product Manager organization role (ML product as a platform)

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