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Product Management Workshop

Data & UX

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Start Date

Feb 21, 2020

6 Fridays


800-1200 NIS

You choose

Start Date

Feb 21, 2020

6 Fridays


800-1200 NIS

You choose

Workshop Brief

Over the course of 6 sessions, we’ll introduce PMs to the methodology of UX and Data tools in order to build better products. We believe that true magic comes at the meeting point of UX and Data and will try to give our students better tools to make that magic happen.
Learning from our previous workshops we wish to create a learning experience comprised both on lectures, use cases reviews along with actual practice. Most sessions will be lectures but we save time for actual practice which will include working with experienced PMs.
Why practice? We want you to feel comfortable with taking the tools we give and use them at your day job.

Who Can Join Us

This workshop is aimed for PMs with more than 2 years experience of Product Management experience. Who know the basics and are interested in broadening their horizons and changing the way they look at the profession.

Our Lecturers

I have been working as UX professional and Product management since 2003. I graduated as BA in Interaction Design from the HKU, Netherlands and MA in Interactive multimedia. Today, alongside my work as UX Team leader in Trax, I serve as a mentor for startups in Google Launchpad initiative, teach in several institutes (Netcraft academy, Technion institute, Israel Academic College and others) and member of the steering committee of UXI - Israel user experience organization

Yishai Cohen
UX team lead @Trax, connecting people and technology, making sure products are loved by their users.

Daphna Salzer

Daphna Salzer is the Director of UX at PandoLogic. She specializes in distilling data into an elegant, intuitive user experience. Her experience spans from wayfinding systems in the physical world through commercial websites and complex systems in the online universe — all this in a little more than six years. As a Community Manager of WE (Women Experience), there’s a good chance of bumping into her in any of WE’s events. Lastly, she loves fancy coffee and eureka moments.

Daphna Salzer
Director of UX at PandoLogic. Specializes in distilling data into an elegant, intuitive user experience

Omri Spiegel is Business Analyst supporting the monetization department in one of the biggest and most successful app-game companies in the world, MoonActive. Omri covers the end-user experience in several aspects and specializes in the gaming industry, as well as the online B2B and B2C business services, providing quantitative and qualitative analysis on the web, tablets, and handset markets. Omri holds a Master’s degree in Cancer research which he encountered the challenging world of big data and guided him, through Product and Marketing Analytics to the role he participates today.

Omri Spiegel
Business Analyst at MoonActive, specializes in the gaming industry, as well as the online B2B and B2C business services

Innovation operations and management adviser. Helping leaders organize and streamline organizational or market-oriented innovations in products, services and technology development. Member of the Google Developer Expert program for Product Strategy and design, during its entire lifetime. Certified Google Design-Sprint Master. With a background in SW development, product design and entrepreneurship, Yorai integrates all creative practices into a consistent holistic approach to product innovation management. Co-Founder and head of products at Defensoft and Ridartech. Mentor at Google Launchpad accelerators in Israel and Europe.

Yorai Gabriel,
Innovation Management and Innovation Operations Expert, Helping innovation leaders align strategy and execution, and manage creativity at scale.

Tamir Nave has 10 years experience in the field of algorithms, focusing on computer vision and deep learning as a developer, team leader, consultant and mentor. Tamir holds a Bsc in math & EE and MA in EE. Tamir is the founder of the collaborative Hebrew blog for AI:​<

Chava Rotman
Former VP Product at Compedia, specializes in building engaging and effective impact products.

Anat Eldar

Anat is passionate about creating products that impact users and make their lives better. She is making use of her 20 years of diverse business, technology and UX experience to voluntarily mentor junior PMs, teach Product Management course @IDC and work fulltime as a product lead. Anat Eldar is a Principle Product Manager @Microsoft, leading the company's education analytics products for teachers, students, parents and leaders that will impact student’s outcomes. Prior to Microsoft, Anat served in many different PM leads roles in startups and corporates, building a track record of success in product management, from concept to execution. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo. She lives in Gan-Haim with her husband and children and when she has some free time, she writes poetry, practices Iyengar yoga and engages in photography.

Anat Eldar
Making use of her experience to voluntarily mentor junior PMs, teach Product Management course @IDC and work fulltime as a product lead in Microsoft.

Entrepreneur at heart, a passionate product guy, building products for the last 20 years. Consumer and enterprise, mobile and web, video, music and big data, they reached millions of people.

Sagee Ben Zedeff
Entrepreneur @ Heart. Product @ Facebook. Loves connecting people through data and technology.

Nir Horesh is Accessibility Lead and Senior Product Manager at Wix, who works on making the internet more accessible for everyone. Before Wix, Nir worked 7 years as an Engineer in the semiconductor industry, joined at a couple of startups, and had a technology podcast and blog. Nir also mentors and lead a team at

Nir Horesh
Accessibility Lead and Senior Product Manager at Wix, who works on making the internet more accessible for everyone.

I like working with numbers and making data driven decisions, but LOVE the challenge of working through ambiguity and present logical solutions.

Erez Shilon
Product Management & Machine Learning professional, loves solving problems which involve people and data.

A marketing professional with vast experience in the telecoms market, leading marketing strategy and strategic planning, product development and various marketing initiatives.

Hillel Geiger
Head of Product Marketing, Technology & New Offerings at Amdocs

I love creating, I love challenges, I love product! I combine my experience with creativity to turn dreams into beautiful innovative products.

Yael Sharabi
Director of Product at Services Innovation Acceleration Group. Lead the product group and various products at all stages: ideation, validation, incubation, acceleration and practice.

Shamaym is an AI-based platform for continuous improvement that creates a high-performance culture for organizations.

Dror Jacoby
VP Product @ Shamaym
A full stack Product Management leader, turning innovative ideas into beautiful Products.

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Each workshop day is built from 3 training sessions.
Sessions 1 and 2 also includes a 30 minutes hands-on practice, don’t forget to bring your laptop!
Practice makes perfect – at the each workshop day we will reveal our weekly challenge.

2020, Friday

We’ll learn how to take a business problem and transform it to a wireframe using US methodologies.
And of course we’ll practice

2020, Friday

We’ll learn how to take a wireframe and plan usability testing as well as our data tracking strategy.

2020, Friday

Yorai is coming back to Give & Tech with a new topic. We’ll learn about Design Sprints which is one of the industry’s hottest topics in the past year.

2020, Friday

2020, Friday

2020, Friday

Open questions and discussion panel with some of the lecturers


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