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Hours of extensive product training
Industry leading lecturers
Senior PMs mentors

With this special vision, we educate +100 product managers every year, and donate more than ₪500K a year for a better society.

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PM101 is Israel’s most extensive Product Management training program, led by experienced Product Leaders, and features weekly practices guided by Senior PMs


Is this course for me?

Whether you’re looking to start a career in Product Management or get promoted to a PM position in your current company, our program is designed to help you succeed.

You’ll receive personalized mentorship throughout the program, and present a comprehensive final project to prepare you for real-world Product Management assignments.

I’m a product lead who want to send employees

Our B2B program is tailor made to meet your company needs. In every course there will be limited seats reserved for students sent on behalf of their companies. Apply here if you’re interested to combine donation and investing in your employees



Exact dates will be sent after application

  • Welcome to PM101!
  • What is Give&Tech?
  • Meet our Non profits
  • Meet your team
  • Course logistics & engagement
  • It’s all about assumptions and validations.
  • Working top to bottom AND bottom to top.
  • Tips for Becoming PMs.
  • Basic terms (B2B vs B2C, User vs. Customer, Scrum / Sprint, PRD / Spec, etc.).

  • The product life cycle (Business -> market -> users -> problem -> user journeys -> ideation (thinking simple) -> Value proposition -> prioritization -> MVP -> execution -> validation).

  • 10 Product definition questions and their outputs (course outline).
  • Understanding the problem and problem discovery
  • Defining the product scope (where one product ends, and another one should begin)
  •  Crafting a great Problem Statement
  • Understanding the market
  • Scoping out the competition
  • Turning market data into a product strategy
  • Breaking down the user journey (and creating a shareable output)
  • Mapping the user needs and wants
  • Effective user Interviews (The Mom Test)
  • Segmentation
  • Validate user problems with data
  • How do we measure – the validation hirerarchy (Analytics -> Screen caps -> Interviews -> Polls)
  • Data driven decision making
  •  Segmentation, what is it and why it’s important
  • identifying the stakeholders (users, customers, payers)
  • Segmentation and Cohorts – deciding where to start
  • Defining the ICP – and how it impacts the strategy
  •  What’s “UX” and when’s the right time to apply it (ASAP)
  •  Basics of UX thinking for PMs
  •  Working with UX designers
  • Why and how to use Flowcharts
  • Basics of Wireframing
  • Effective design principles
  • Maximum impact – minimum hassle
  • Creative thinking & Brainstorming
  • Thinking simple
  • Effective group thinking
  • Having a compass (mission, values, goals, North Star Metric)
  • Prioritization methods: R/ICE, MosCow
  • Slicing
  • Meet one of the NGOs that Give and Tech donates to
  • Product interview practices roundtables 
  • MVP as a validation process
  • Defining an MVP (Hypothesis, validation method, metrics, risks)
  • The smaller the better – how to narrow down your MVP even more.
  • Defining “success”
  • Measuring the right things – KPIs
  • Extra content to share: OKRs
  • It’s all about getting a clear message across.
  • Adapt your output to it’s user
  • Using user stories to convey the message
  • Spec example
  • Mapping the actors
  • Understanding the motives
  • Managing your manager
  • The right use of a pitch deck
  • Effective time management
  • How to prepare for a presentation
  • Creating the “WOW” factor
  • Improving your CV
  • Excelling the interview
  • Tackling home assignments
  • Tips for faster onboarding
  • Understanding your role and responsibilities
  • Knowing when to ask for help

Final meetup where the top 3 final projects will show their work for the team of lecturers from the course. 

Program Staff

Liran Krisi

Project Manager – HKU-TLV Innovation Hub| Technical Operation Manager, PM101

Shai Molcho

Business Development Manager- SpoTower | Marketing Lead, PM101

Our Teaching Assistants

Our +260 alumni have successfully integrated into leading tech companies such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, Monday, Wix, and more!

Course information

Courses will begin in July and November, apply for more information

  • You should be actively looking for a first Product Management position or planning to do so right after graduating from the program.

  • You shouldn’t already be working as Product Manager.

  • You should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the tech industry.

  • Business students are exempt from the minimal requirements

  1. Initial application
    Application opens Sunday 21/06/2024.

    You will be required to input your contact details, linkedin profile, and intended donation, as well as answer the following questions:

    • Why do you want to be a PM?
    • How would you explain the PM’s role to your grandmother?
    • How have you learned about Product Management so far?

    * Please note this doesn’t guarantee your spot on the program, as we need to make sure all applicants meet the minimal requirements.
    * Your intended donation will not affect your chances to be accepted to the program at this stage!

  2. Applications review
    Our staff will filter out the applications that don’t meet the minimal requirements, as defined above. We’ll then review the valid applicant’s answers to the open questions, and their LinkedIn profiles, and invite the top 45 applicants to complete their application to the program (via email).
    All applicants should receive their program application status few days after the application has closed.
  3. Donate and secure your place
    The 45 applicants selected will have 48 hours  to complete their registration, by making their donation, in order to secure their spots in the program.
    Applicants who fail to complete their registration in time will vacant their spots for the applicants in the waiting list.
    Private students donations will range between ₪3500 – ₪5,500.
    Business students donations are ₪8,000.
  1. The waiting list
    Valid applicants who met the minimal requirements, which did not rank within the top 45 applications to be initially accepted – will automatically be placed on the Waiting List. Available spots will be offered to waiting list applicants as they become available, until the end of the 2nd week of the program.
Students are allowed to miss up to 3 lecture sessions and 2 group coaching sessions, at most.

Students who don’t meet this requirement for any reason – will not receive graduation certificate.

Most lectures will be recorded for student use only, and we kindly request you respect our lecturers IP and refrain from sharing their recorded sessions or any other lecture materials outside the program.
Coaching sessions will be recorded at the sole discretion of the team coach.

In person meetups or in person coaching sessions are not mandatory, but are highly recommended. They will not be recorded, but may be broadcasted live.

  • Come to sessions prepared, with homework ready.

  • Actively participate in the group coaching sessions.

  • Keep your camera on and your microphone muted throughout all sessions.

  • Fill out feedbacks after every session.
    Students who miss more than 3 feedback forms for sessions that they attended throughout the program – will not be allowed to continue or graduate the program.

The final project will be kicked off in the last third of the program

It will be done in pairs, testing your team work – as well as your knowledge. Outputs must meet their defined scope of work and expected level of quality to qualify for successful graduation. 

Deliverables expected include:

  • Detailed project deck

  • 10 min pitch deck

  • Spec document

  • Wireframe  

  • 17 Lectures by industry leading product managers
  • 10 Practice sessions in small groups led by a dedicated senior product manager
  • 3 Course exclusive meetups hosted by Israel’s top tech companies
  • 1 Final graduation project to prepare you for home assignments

Students who successfully meet all of the requirements above will qualify to graduate the program, and will receive a graduation certificate, as well as join our newly forming graduates community for exclusive perks and discounts on further Product training.

Students are required to donate between ₪3,500 – ₪5,500 to Give&Tech to complete their applications to the program. 90% of the program donations will be donated by Give&Tech’s to other NPOs. The remaining 10% will be used to help expand our future impact. 

Check out our Portfolio page to learn more about the causes we support!

Don’t worry, we’re here to assist. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll work it out.

contact us: [email protected]


Donations will not be refunded after the 3rd day of lectures.
Cancellations for any reason after that time will not be refunded.

Lectures, group coaching sessions and meetups will mostly be held in Hebrew.
Reading materials, decks and written program correspondence will mostly be done in English. 

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