UX Workshop for Product Managers with Natali Gil

4 online sessions of theory and practice

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About the Course

UX has become an essential part of building digital products. Interface design tools, such as Figma, provide greater accessibility for product managers to become more involved in the workflow.

In the workshop, we will dive into the daily work processes of product designers.

What will you learn?

Intro to UX work methodologies.

Practical methods that will allow you to be more involved in the work process of the product designers and a better understanding of the outcomes.

You will be able to run user research and usability testing.

Starting date 02.11.2020, every Monday until (including) 23.11.2020 between 20:00-21:30.

Additional details will be sent after registration.


The workshop will be held in Hebrew

The sessions will be recorded and available offline for the participants

This is an online program using zoom



90% of the proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations

The other 10% helps us expand our activity

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Product Managers, but not just!
Also for Entrepreneurs and whoever wants to be more engaged in the UX work process.

All course lectures, practice sessions and panels will be held in Hebrew only.

The sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch offline.

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Our Lecturers

Course Staff


4 sessions of 1.5h on Zoom.

Each session will include a theoretical + examples + home assignment, that one of the participants will present in the next session.

We will learn about the first stages of the work process: Brief, Define Target Audience, User Research, and User Journey

We will continue with the research of interfaces (creation of ideation board), create desired User journey, mapping functionality, User Flow, wireframing principles, and the importance of Micro-copy.

What are the Design Principles and Design Systems.

How to run Usability Testing.Design Principles and Design Systems.

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