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About the Course

Lots of buzzwords, lots of unicorns, but we will make it practical and lead you in your first steps to the magical place of data science, specifically, deep learning. We will talk a bit about the theory behind it, but mostly, we will demonstrate the variety of common techniques and usages. You will acquire the fundamental knowledge and tools to implement deep learning architecture by yourself.



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The workshop is for anyone who has programming skills (preferably some knowledge of python) , logic orientation, and an outstanding will to learn.
In the workshop, we will use python, tensorflow and keras.
This is a complex topic, you should work hard and be very focused during those weeks ^_^

All course lectures, practice sessions and panels will be held in Hebrew only.

The sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch offline.

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Our Lecturers

Tamir Nave

Algorithms expert in the fields of deep learning, computer vision, Machine learning.

Program leader

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