The Journey to PMM

The Journey to PMM – Eyes and mind focused on the next challenge The first round of the PMM101 course just finished, and as the cliché goes, now is the time to prepare for the next challenge. Product Marketing can be a mystery for people who are not in marketing and even experienced marketers because […]

The Journey to PMM #6

The Journey to PMM Do you remember the Flywheel Funnel we discussed in the PLG and Marketing Funnels lecture? It has 5 steps: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Retention and Advocacy. On our 7th PMM101 session, Omer Oren, Senior Product Marketing Manager from Artlist, discussed the pillars of retention and how to do it best. So what […]

The Journey to PMM #5

The Journey to PMM #5 Our sixth session connected the pillars of Sales Enablement by Dorit Turpaz and the PMM’s working interfaces of the PMM in the organization with the various officials and excellent tips on the subject by Shachar Rimer. Dorit is the Director of Product Marketing at Komodor, the first unified developer-first Kubernetes […]

The Journey to PMM #4

The Journey to PMM Join us as we delve into our 5th PMM101 session about Marketing and Product funnels, Product Led Growth (PLG), with Asaf Shevach, the Product Marketing Team Lead at Elementor, and customer segmentation with Dorit Oren Israeli, a Product Marketing global leader. Asaf Shevach is the Product Marketing Team Lead at Elementor. […]

The Journey to PMM #3

The Journey to PMM #3 On the fourth session of PMM101 we covered two topics that every team lead in an organisation needs. The first one is Storytelling, which was lectured by Sivan Mazuz, Head of Product Marketing at WIX, and the second is customer interviews, which were covered by Mayan Bar from Meta. So, […]

The Journey to PMM #2​

The Journey to PMM #2 The third Give&Tech session included two lectures about market research by Rony Vexelman, VP of Marketing at Optimove and value selling by Guy Zelig, Senior Product Marketing Manager at AppsFlyer. Sometimes companies and organizations come up with an idea for a new product, which on paper sounds interesting and successful, […]

The Journey to PMM #1​

The Journey to PMM #1 After the first, fantastic meetup at Elementor where we learned about the PMM role and OKRs, the second PMM 101 session was about two core topics in the Product Marketing Manager’s role: Jobs To Be Done and Value Proposition Canvas and were taught by Gaston Rendelstein. Gaston started his lecture […]