Throwback: Give & Tech’s PMM 101 course made me a better marketing person

In May 2023, the first cycle of the Product Marketing 101 course of the Give & Tech association began. On April 23, a few weeks before, I ended my position as Marketing Manager in the innovation and cloud division of Seagate Technology due to downsizing in the company. The choice to study the world of product marketing was natural. The fields of strategy, market research, sales enablement were the fields I wanted to delve into and specialize in since a long time ago.

The world of marketing consists of many sub-specialties. Automated marketing, operations, branding, strategy, copywriting, content and writing, spokespeople, partnerships, community management, and more. Here is the challenge – controlling all of these issues so that our product reaches its target audience in a successful manner.

This is where the PMM comes into play. Business development, sales, Go-To-Market, customer retention and everything that corresponds with marketing, the PMM is there for things to work well and in perfect harmony.

After leaving Seagate I headed to the worlds of strategy; Branding, market and competitor research and building a value proposition for products and companies. I wanted to know how to tell a product story in a better way, to understand the personas I’m marketing to and build the marketing funnel in an optimal way.

This is exactly why the PMM101 course came just in time for me, I learned all these topics (and more) there. But I didn’t just learn, all of these subjects (maybe with the exception of Sales Enablement), serve me even today in the profession I work in – during the day, branding and marketing strategist in a strategy agency that works with the biggest brands in Israel, and in the evening – marketing manager and content creator (come & meet The Pulse Lifter on IG, my new project!) of businesses and eCommerce stores in the field of Weightlifting and CrossFit.

PMM101 f2f
Workshops as part of the PMM101 course

As a strategist in an agency, not all the clients I work with are part of the high-tech ecosystem, but with all the clients I work with I use the practices I learned in the course, starting with the framework of Jobs To Be Done and building the value proposition, storytelling for a product or project, market research, planning personas and even Work on the marketing funnel and advice on how my client should act at each stage of the funnel.

And even working as a freelancer, the value I give my clients today is much higher than I could give before. The conversation I conduct as a business with customers has become how I help them solve their challenges as a company, and less in the form of “why do you have to buy my product – my product is better”.

PMM101 f2f
Done with PMM101 for now and looking forward…

In addition, I also create niche content, (reviews for products for the power industries, Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit) before every video I create, I use the Jobs to be Done method to produce a video that is as relevant as possible.

I recommend joining Give & Tech’s PMM101 course as long as you have at least one year of experience in the world of marketing, and it doesn’t matter if on the performance or creative side or FMCG/Tech, if you want to be a better marketing person. Participating in the course provides beyond knowledge also quality connections with professionals from the world of marketing in Israel, gives opportunities and exposure with leading companies in Israel and just as important – the profits go to benefit important social initiatives and associations in Israel.

If you have any more questions about the PMM101 course or professional development, I am available on my LinkedIn, I will be happy to answer and help. 

BTW, all of my thoughts about the subjects that we learned over the course are available in my blog –

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