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Our partners make it possible for us to exist and expand.
If you share the same vision as us , we welcome you to join our community and help us expand the circle.
With each partner, the greater the involvement, contribution and impact to society is.

We create conventions, meetups, workshops and even events over beer in a bar. If you have a space where you would like to host us, such as a class room, a hallroom or a convention center, we would love to hear from you. This is key to helping us expand our circle of good doings.

Without our speakers we can not do it! If you are a motivated speaker and want to share your knowledge with motivated students, we need you on our team! We will help you create guidelines and content for the event and give you the freedom to bring your own unique perception on current technological and scientific topics

Get connected with the best mentors that match your criteria while donating the funds to the helpless communities

Every little bit counts. We welcome and honor each and every donation. Help us expand the circle of good doing and donate so we can widen our reach.


In our programs, lecturers teach as volunteers and all of the proceeds are directly donated to non-profit organisations that are in need of help for its survival and good doings for society.


There's a world full of business owners and employees out there who are seeking your valued advice and feedback.

Please feel 4 slots that you are available for a 1-hour mentoring session.


It’s easy: all we need is your email & your eternal love. But we’ll settle for your email.

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