Video processing with deep learning

Video Processing with Deep Learning

Video Processing lecture - Ron Weiner

This is an intro lecture for anyone interested in understanding how deep learning works and what inspired and enabled it. We go through the evolution of the AI field, how did it all begin and what is the historical connection to neuroscience. We cover the inspiration that leads to different types of architectures such as CNN and RNN. By examining the similarities between the human visual cortex and CNN architecture, we see why and how deep learning should be common knowledge to every human being. Eventually, we enjoy some state of the art implementations, such as image classification training in the browser in a matter of seconds and more.

About the lecturer:
Ron Weiner is the Co-Founder & CEO of Give & Tech non-profit organization.
An AI researcher and Consultant (AiVF, Cor-e, Stayhome, ICV).
8200 alumni Bachelor of Computer and Cognition science at the OpenU.
Work with data in the past 9 years.

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