The Journey to PMM - Eyes and mind focused on the next challenge

The first round of the PMM101 course just finished, and as the cliché goes, now is the time to prepare for the next challenge.

Product Marketing can be a mystery for people who are not in marketing and even experienced marketers because this role has different responsibilities in every company. From growth to onboarding through value selling and sales enablement, PMMs are everywhere and anywhere.


We started with the foundation of product marketing, placed OKRs, deciphered the Jobs-to-be-Done, painted the Value Proposition on a canvas, researched the market, sold value, learned how to tell a story and how to interview prospects and clients, segmented our market and personas, discovered the Product-Led Growth funnel and methods. explored the way to work with different teams around the company and the way to enable sales, learned from our competitors and the secrets of retaining our customers, how to sum all of the PMM’s initiatives and plan a Go-to-Market plan and for dessert – how to land the first product marketing job


How will I do it? Aside from keeping an eye on LinkedIn Jobs 24/7, I intend to continue exploring the fields of product marketing, innovation, strategy, and creative thinking on the internet, books, podcasts and meetups. 

Here are a few examples from our last session, where Dar Bonn Eckaus provided us with some tips on where to begin: except for getting certified at Give&Tech, there are lots of courses on LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera, and even on the Product Marketing Alliance.

For getting to know colleagues and managers from the marketing field, HaPMMiya is a community for PMMs in Israel on Facebook, and there are a few recommended podcasts like Startup for Startup, Woman in Product Marketing, and Product and Marketing podcast. I will also suggest reading the Journey to Product Marketing series here on the Give&Tech blog to explore more about the foundations of this role in different aspects.


Having a taste of every subject and being able to learn from PMMs at different levels and companies made this course so valuable. Here I’d like to thank the Give&Tech team for the opportunity to take part in the course and write my side notes about the Journey to Product Marketing and all the course lecturers.

For anyone who reads this and think about joining the next round of the PMM101 course and wants to consult, please feel free to reach me on LinkedIn or by email ([email protected])

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