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Product Management 101

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About the course

Product Management 101 is a course developed by Give & Tech and Becoming Product Managers. Over the past year we have seen dramatic changes in the workforce around us and with a dramatic change great opportunities are created. We are proud to present this 10 session project-based course which is designed to let you learn and experience the role of the product manager and gain valuable skills in the Product, Data, UX and Strategy domains. The course is taught by the leading product managers in the industry and combines theoretical knowledge alongside practical skills and exercises.

An important element of the course is a weekly peer-to-peer feedback on your projects while you develop them. We believe that being able to give and receive feedback is a critical skill for product managers and entrepreneurs alike!

This course will not make you a product manager (and we doubt any course can) but we strongly believe this is a great first step in the right direction.

Please note the following:

  • The course will be delivered via online Zoom sessions
  • The course will be held in Hebrew
  • The lecture content and order as well as the lecturer list might change.

Who Can Join Us

  • People working in the tech industry for at least 1 year
  • A desire to become a product manager

What do we expect from “Students”

  • Prepare for classes (Read materials in advance).
  • Participate in at least 80% of the sessions.
  • Be able to work in a group and present your work.

Who we donate to

Registration process - aka Donation instructions

Please note that in order to participate in this course you must meet the above described standards.
The participation donation (cost) ranges from 900-1500₪

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Our Lecturers

I like working with numbers and making data-driven decisions, but LOVE the challenge of working through ambiguity and present logical solutions.

Erez Shilon
Head of Product Contentsquare

I love to create, I love to innovate and I love to communicate with others - this is what product management is all about

Customer-focused, results-oriented, and collaborative leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and over 12 years of experience in technical and product leadership roles in both large corporations and small startups.

Tamir Lahav
Senior Product Manager, Data Science & Machine Learning

Ran is a Senior PM at Taboola with 6 years of product experience in the cyber and internet domains. Ran co-founded Becoming Product Managers, which is the fastest growing PM community in Israel, helping aspiring product managers on their quest to land their first PM position.

Ran Erez
Senior Product Manager at Taboola

I'm a UX expert specializing in SaaS and enterprise systems. I consult for startups and various tech companies, helping them create inspiring products.

Product management leader- podcaster, speaker & mentor. Passionate for creating measurable, high-end, delightful experiences that move the needle and make an impact

Shelly Shmurack
Product Manager Aspectiva Walmart

Entrepreneur at heart, a passionate product guy, building products for the last 20 years. Consumer and enterprise, mobile and web, video, music and big data, they reached millions of people.

Sagee Ben-Zedeff
Product Facebook.

I’m a seasoned design thinker, experienced in advocating for customer-centric UX in various products and organization types. I am proficient in many UCD methodologies, from Design Thinking and Design Sprint workshops, through user research and usability testing, to interviews and prototyping.

Yishay Cohen
VP UX at Firma brand

I help people and systems work better together

Extensive experience and management roles including in product, marketing and business development on the mobile and social media industries.

Ariel Kedem
Chief Product Officer Incredible.Credit

I like to solve problems in data-driven and creative ways

The Product Hub at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzeliya aims to inspire future product managers and to give them practical tools for product management during their studies in the IDC, and prepare them for entry level product manager roles. The program includes hands-on workshops and sessions led by product leaders in start-ups and tech companies.

Product Hub IDC

Experienced Project & Product Manager, with a demonstrated history of working in the EdTech industry. Wide background in Product Management, Business Development, End-to-End Project Management, Lecturing, and Team Building. A philosophy & public law student, at the Open University of Israel.

Yehonatan Alfasi
Head of TAs

A product manager lead with 9 years of experience in product management & UX design.

Bonnie Benjamin
Product Team Lead HackerU Solutions

I've always been a multi-disciplinary, multi-tasking, people person, fascinated by technology and business alike, an entrepreneur at heart and artist by hobby. I've been told for years that "I need to focus!" and I've answered that "this is not a bug, it is a feature!"Product Management is the only role that allows you to stick your nose, no, let me rephrase that, your are requested to stick your nose into almost every aspect of the company in order to provide a better value to customers and meet the business goals of the company.

Martin H. Sabag
VP Product at Fornova

The combination of purpose and fun is what makes product management my ideal occupation. Making an impact on people and companies together with building things and solving complex problems.

I worked in both large corporations as well as small startups in the B2B/B2C SaaS industry.

Most PMs focus on making the product right - Great PMs focus on making the right product.

Yoav Yechiam
Product Consultant and Coach


The Course schedule consists of 10 workshop days delivered via online Zoom sessions. Some of the sessions will also include hands-on practice.

During the rest of the week, we will be available to answer any question or concern via a dedicated Slack channel.

We strongly believe that practice makes perfect – you will have many hands-on exercises to help you implement the new concepts you’ll learn.

During this course you will also get a chance to meet the Non profit and see how this course impacts not just your personal career but drives a greater positive change around you.

2020, Friday

In this session we will cover what is and what isn’t product management. We will discuss the core parts of the PM’s role in the organization and learn the core principles that make a product manager successful.

2020, Friday

Sagee will walk us through how we define the right problem to be solved, the framework Facebook builders use in planning, prioritizing and managing products. In this session you will learn how to define the “people problem statement” that communicates the focus of your start up, to test with your team, customers, partners, etc.

Tomer will lead us through the process of defining the north star metric and how it impacts our decisions which features to develop and how to define our product roadmap.

2020, Friday

In this session we will learn why we are not our users, how to interview users from problem exploration, concept validation, qualitative feedback (NPS) and user testing. The session will convince you why it is important to involve your users in every step of the product development process.

In this session you will get the opportunity to build an MVP and learn the methodology to extract the maximum from your MVP.

2020, Friday

Making sure your product aligns with the data isn’t as easy as you read in blogs. You have to be methodical about it and understand how to handle and work with the data you have. In this session you will learn ow to turn data into actionable insights, how to consume data correctly and what to do with your all your dashboards and KPIs

There’s no easy way to put this, but from our experience, 9 out of 10 companies (big or small) use less than 5% of their analytics platforms’ capabilities. Could it be that so many of us have it all wrong? Although we know how to technically use these tools and we totally appreciate the potential value (in theory), we just can’t seem to get the overwhelming data-based evidence and decision making abilities we were expecting to… Too often we find the most robust, sophisticated (and expensive) tools end up being used only to monitor monthly visitors and live visits. So, this lesson is all about the approach (the strategy). We won’t talk tricks or treats. Instead we’ll discuss how to build an analytics plan. How to use a methodology that will guide you through your process. How to ask the right question and set up the tools to support investigating the answers. Why mapping out all possible events should not even be on your list of tasks and more…

2020, Friday

Martin will lead us through the key components for successful communication with the sales team and will share with us how to know when it is the right moment to trust your product intuition.

What do you do when you have no data? In this session, Shelly will share with us a set of specific tools (and skills) to be able to collect data from all web related sources resourcefully (Google Trends, Similarweb, stats libraries, social networks etc.) You will learn how to cross reference and “dig deeper” in order to learn meaningful insights.

2020, Friday

In this session Yishai will cover the importance of UX, the principles of UX design, user journeys and cognitive hacks from user psychology. You will learn the principles of UX design and how it impacts the user.

In this hands on workshop you will get the chance to learn an intro to Balsamiq, and complete a wireframing exercise to build user journeys. The goal of this workshop is to implement the lessons learnt from the previous session and be able to translate a wireframe from the home assignment (paper) and build it in Balsamiq.

2020, Friday

Carmi will share with us how product managers can use UX tools to clearly communicate their ideas to stakeholders, and what they should focus on when creating user flows and wireframes.

In this session, Ariel will share with us the importance of competitive analysis, how to conduct it and what we can learn from it to improve our product. Ariel will share with us how Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers interact to achieve product success

Tamir will share with us the fundamentals of A/B testing. You will learn how to avoid the typical A/B testing mistakes, learn why allocating the right experiment traffic and running experiments in parallel is so essential for your product success.

2020, Friday

This session will focus on how we work with internal and external stakeholders, what are the common mistakes and how we can deliver a coherent story in multiple stakeholder languages.

Erez will share with us the do’s and don’ts of client meetings, how we can leverage client meetings to learn more about our products and their needs and come out alive.

2021, Friday

Michelle will share with us how to build a winning PM resume, how to take our existing experience and leverage it to apply to product positions and how to brand ourselves on LinkedIn.

In this session we will cover the common questions in product interviews, how to deliver a compelling answer, what are some of the common mistakes in a PM interview and how to become a memorable candidate (in a good way)

2021, Friday

The students will present their work in front of a seasoned product panel which will share their insights on the students’ work.

We will have a final AMA session with product managers from different industries and at different stages of their career from Junior PMs to VP Product.


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