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About the course

Product Management 101 is an extensive course developed by the Give&Tech R.A and Becoming Product Managers community.
We are proud to present this 12 session project-based course which is designed to let you learn and experience the role of the product manager and gain valuable skills in the Product, Data, UX and Strategy domains. 
The course is taught by leading product managers in the industry and combines theoretical knowledge alongside practical skills and exercises.
An important element of the course is weekly practice sessions with experienced product coaches and your coursemates. These sessions will give you valuable feedback on your projects as you develop them. We believe that being able to give and receive feedback is a critical skill for product managers and entrepreneurs alike!
This course will not make you a product manager (and we doubt any course can) but we strongly believe this is a great first step in the right direction.

Please note the following:

  • The course will be held in Hebrew
  • The course lectures will be delivered via online Zoom sessions
  • There will be weekly practice zoom sessions after each workshop to help you fully understand each subject
  • There will be 3 face-to-face meetings during the course where you will be able to meet your coursemates and participate in panels with leading product managers from the industry.
  • The lectures content, order of lectures and lecturer list might change.


  • People working in the tech industry for at least 2 years
  • People with a desire to become a product manager (meaning, you’re not currently in a PM role)

  • Prepare for classes (Read materials in advance).
  • Participate in at least 80% of the workshops and practice sessions
  • Be able to work in a group and present your work.

  • Please note that in order to participate in this course you must meet our application requirements.


    The course registration will open on 23.06.2021 at 9:00 am and will be open for 24 hours until 9:00 am the 24.06.2021. Out of the applicants that meet our application requirements and applied to the course within 24 hours, we will randomly select 50 participants. 

    Should any of those participants choose to not complete the registration process, the opportunity will move to the next applicant in line, regardless of when they applied to the course.


    The participation cost is a donation out of which 90% will go to non-profit organizations. The cost is a set range of  ₪1600-₪2600. You will be able to choose how much you’d like to donate.

  1. Click the “I’m interested” button
  2. Fill the required details
  3. We will review your profile
  4. Once we will verify that you have the required background, we will send the purchase instructions to your email
  5. The purchase window will be active for 48 hours - if no purchase is made in that window, we will automatically give your spot to the next in line

We wish to give a fair chance for everyone, therefore the participation we be chosen randomly from all to the applications.

Who we donate to?

The NPOs are chosen very carefully, they all support helpless communities, and they know how to make it work.
90% of the proceeds from the program are being donated, the other 10% is invested in our non-profit operational needs (finance, legal etc, we don’t have paychecks 🙂

Our Lecturers

Ran Erez

Senior Product Manager at Taboola

Tal Florentin

CEO at Summurai – UX Award winner – Author, Speaker

Yoav Yechiam

Product Strategy, Optimization and Analytics specialist


The Course schedule consists of 12 lectures delivered via online Zoom sessions. Some of the lectures will also include hands-on practice with the lecturers.
During the rest of the week, we will be available to answer any question or concern via a dedicated Slack channel and practice sessions.
We strongly believe that practice makes perfect – you will have many hands-on exercises to help you implement the new concepts you’ll learn.
During this course you will also get a chance to meet the Non-profit organizations and see how this course impacts not just your personal career but drives a greater positive change around you.

Zoom Caffe
Welcome to Give&Tech
Meet the non profits
Product Management 101 by Ran Erez

Zoom Caffe
Problem Definition by Sagee Ben-Zedeff (Facebook)
Business Models 101 (Who’s problem are you solving?) by Noam Maman

Problem Definition
Business Models 101

Zoom Caffe
KYC Workshop by Tamar Schultz

Zoom Caffe
Jobs to be done and the User Journey by Yael Sharabi
The Art of Prioritization

Working with Product Managers (Open Panel)

Jobs to be done and the User Journey
The art of Prioritization

Zoom Caffe 
Guerilla Market Research by Shelly Shmorack
North Star Metrics (From KPIs to Roadmap) – Without OKRs by Tomer Fuss Sanderovich, VP Product Natural Intelligence

Guerilla Market Research
North Star Metrics (From KPIs to Roadmap) – Without OKRs

Zoom Caffe
“How to make Data Driven decisions?
(Only Theory no workshop)” by Elena Levi
Mixpanel workshop by Yoav Yechiam

Welcome back! by Max Reuveni
UX for PMs Intro by Tal Florentin

Wireframes home assignments by Carmi

F2F Caffe / Zoom Caffe
“MVP Workshop

Zoom Caffe
Product Market Fit by Maayan Gotlib
Go To Market Strategies by Ariel Kedem

Product Market Fit
Go To Market Strategies

Zoom Caffe
Effective Time Management

Zoom Caffe
Stakeholder Management by Ilil Ben Shalom
Effective Communication Workshop by Max Reuveni

Zoom Caffe
PM CV and HR Session
Cracking the PM Interview by Ran Erez

Live solution by Ran Erez

Panel – The PM Career
Project(s) Showcase
Diplomas + Swag


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