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Not another casual volunteering…

Give & Tech Mentoring Program

This is a tuned-up quartet where everyone wins. 
There is an experienced mentor who shares knowledge, students who formulate goals and receive tools, a team that helps with the whole operation, and of course, 90% of the tuition fee goes to the NGOs.

Meaningful Volunteer

If you looking for meaningful volunteer work and have proven knowledge in one of the following fields: PM, AI/ML, Entrepreneurship, and ready to share, please fill out the form, we will contact you for an interview.

4 month

That's the duration of the program. If you are admitted, our team will match you up with the ideal mentee, and you will meet for the first time physically. Three physical meetings of all the participants, nine mentee-mentor virtual sessions.

Weekly meeting

Establish a weekly 1-hour meeting with the mentee, help him develop his skills, reach his goals, and, of course, improve yours. The experience you gain from working with many cases will also benefit your career.

3 networking meeting

There will be three physical meetings during which you will meet your mentees, listen to expert talks, and drink beers. We will provide you with all the necessary information so that you do not have to remember anything.

How does mentoring work?

A flexible schedule

You choose time for lessons that is more convenient for you

Personal development and empowered.

There is no better way to embed knowledge than through teaching.

Motivated mentee​

Give and Tech will find the best-fitted mentors to your goals ​

Give and Tech will help

We help to make a program plan and to help you solve any problem that may occur

Support NGOs​

The mentors choose where 90% of the proceeds from the program will go

Personal branding ​

People who had acted as mentors were 6 TIMES more likely to be promoted than those who didn’t

Being a mentor means to phone a student several times a week and help him achieve his original goal. You share experience and knowledge, and also give feedback on solving tasks that you are moving with the student.

We participate in the process at all its stages. The first familiarization call is held with our participation. Next, we are going to help you to form a top-level plan and join from time to time to understand how you are doing and whether any help is needed at the current stage. The mentor can contact us to discuss the program or in case of any contentious issues with the student.

We have a portfolio of non-profit organizations that mentors can choose from.
Our entire portfolio is carefully selected. All of them support helpless communities, and they know how to make it work. Want to suggest Contact us! 

Give and Tech Portfolio

The NGOs are chosen very carefully, they all support helpless communities, and they know how to make it work. 90% of the proceeds from the program are being donated.

Give and Tech Mentoring Program

We know that by giving we improve ourselves, this special opportunity is to join and help a mentee in his/her professional journey, while donating the tuition fee to NGOs


It’s easy: all we need is your email & your eternal love. But we’ll settle for your email.

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