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Is “to Provide a Mentor to all seeking Knowledge and Growth” and we seek to develop the most innovative mentoring platform and inspire moments of success through active mentorship and expand cycles of responsibilities through the power of volunteering.

The Program

This mentoring program is aimed to connect professional experts and the future generation in order to guide, assist and tune their work.
It is a collaboration with “DESIGN FOR CHANGE” program which is managed by Amit.

The mentees in the program are students in 9th grade which participate in a social entrepreneurship program based on the international program “DESIN FOR CHANGE”.
The purpose of the program is to expose and encourage kids and teenagers to be socially engaged, and to understand what is entrepreneurship.

The full description of the program can be found here.
The program is project based learning, with 4 simple steps:

  1. Start with “Feeling” – look at the environment and decide what you want to change.
  2. Continue with “Imagine” – Imagine possible solutions to the chosen topic.
  3. Going out “To Do” – planning and going out into the market to create the change.
  4. We are happy to “Share” – inspire and share the change we have created, present the story of the change to the national competition in which 2 groups will be able to represent Israel at the international conference of the program abroad.

During the program the students will learn and practice the fundamentals:

  • Analysis of findings – market research, in-depth interviews, definition of target audience, data analysis, examination of competitors
  • Pilot and prototype design, Fitch
  • Writing a business plan
  • Analyzing required resources, finding the right people to obtain the required resources,
  • Decision making – choosing a mentor, finding the breed and making decisions in the team
  • Launch day selection, launch planning, product / service characterization, screen / visibility characterization, checklist, Gantt chart
  • Self motivation and mindfulness

The mentoring

The mentoring in the program is framed in 4 session + 1 brief session, which will guide, assist, tune and elevate the students.
The program will take place in Ra’anana, exact location will be sent to after acceptance.
The syllabus is as follows:

  • 13/12/21, 19:00-20:00: Mentors brief. (ZOOM)
  • 19/12/21, 09:00-12:30: Accompanying students after the stage of analyzing the findings and defining the problem.
    • Make sure they have done enough correct and accurate surgery and direct them.
    • Make sure the problem is defined correctly and direct them.
    • Shared thinking of possible ideas for solving the problem.
  • 30/01/21, 09:00-12:30: Feedback of the pilot and the business model.
    • Filling out student feedback.
    • Providing additional highlights and comments to the business model before / after the pilot.
    • Tuning before the market release.
  • 03/04/21, 09:00-12:30: Taking decisions before reaching out to the market.
    • Make sure students make the right decisions and guide them.
    • Make sure students check everything they need before reaching out to the market and guide them.
    • Providing assistance in market penetration strategy.
  • ?/06/21, 09:00-12:30: Preparation for the competition.

The Mentor

The mentor is a volunteer with:

  • Will and desire to mentor teens.
  • At least 5 years experience in the tech sector.
  • Experience in creation of business plan, market research, problem definition, GTM strategy.
  • Ability to commit to the 5 above explained session

I want to be a mentor

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