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Learn technologies, solve complex problems, prepare for future online interviews while donating 90% of the tuition fees back to society.

Learn from the top professionals via Give and Tech 

Ido Rozenberg

Co-Founder and CSO – at Razor-Labs, Axon-Vision and Compie

Ron Oren

ImagenAI Co-founder & COO | daata.co Co-founder

Tamir Nave

Algorithms expert in deep & machine learning, computer vision

Learn from the top professionals via Give and Tech 

Come up with a goal

First consider what you want to achieve and apply to program​

Meet your mentor

Give and Tech will find the best-fitted mentors to your goals ​

Support NGOs​

If accepted, you will be asked to pay a donation fee, and the NGO will receive support

Source of knowledge

By providing feedback and sharing knowledge, mentors help you focus on your efforts

Give and Tech may help you at any stage of your career:

Mentorship consists mainly of guiding the mentee’s development and serving as an example of leadership and professionalism. Mentors also inspire, warn against possible future pitfalls and motivate mentees to grow as not only professionals, but as people.

Are studying or have just graduated

- Completed courses, however, you need some experience to get a job
- Learning by yourself and need assistance
- Need to make a skills development plan
- Need to create a valuable project for your portfolio


- Become a technical expert in your area
- Need help making architectural decisions
- Need help with your own project
- Want to get a skill assessment from an expert in your field
- Need
- Need

Are an intern

- First internship/job
- Want to boost your professional growth
- Need help with complex tasks
- Have found a job, but it is hard to find your rhythm
- Need
- Need


- Necessary skill development for employees
- Help assess the technical level of employees
- Get management advice from top tier specialists

Give and Tech Portfolio

The NGOs are chosen very carefully, they all support helpless communities, and they know how to make it work. 90% of the proceeds from the program are being donated.



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