Meet the expert – Yoni Chechik

Meet the Expert

Meet Yoni Chechik

We are proud to present Yoni Chechik, an algorithms and computer vision specialist.
An energetic and curious June, like a good researcher, has recently joined us and will already be conducting our first computer vision workshop starting on 02.11.2020.
With a master’s degree from the Technion with honors in electrical engineering and quite a mileage with software giants Intel and Microsoft, currently involved in the startups industry.

We will talk about different methods and approaches with computer vision algorithms, why and how to choose them rather than a neural network, how it fits into today’s age which is mostly based on “artificial intelligence” which is a “black box”, and why it needs to be studied at all.

Yoni is also the creator of AI is Math – a website with how and what you need to know for computer vision processing.

Is the complex artificial intelligence implementations are actually as simple as the mathematics we learned in high school? join us to find out. ^_^

This event is free of charge and Dana based, you can donate according to your will and capability in order to support our activity here.


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