Meet the Expert – Natali Gil

Meet the Expert

Natali Gil

We are honored to host Natali Gil, an UI/UX designer and an entrepreneur. 
On 2010, Natali co-founded the studio “Best Designers Ever” together with Saar Gil, nowadays, she runs the studio all by herself!
Natali is in expert of planning and managing “design sprints” we will discuss about how can is serve us to plan how our users will experience our product. 
We will discuss about what is important for a product manager to know from the UI/UX point of view and how can a designer and a pm work together.
Thanks to Natali, we at Give & Tech have new designs and soon, we will launch toghether our first “UX for PMs” workshop which Natali built all by herself.
Will be interesting as always ^_^.

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