Meet the Expert – Eyal Gruss

Meet the Expert

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We are excited to host the one and only, Dr. Eyal Gruss, a machine learning researcher, and New-Media Artist.
Most of you probably seen him creates cool and creepy deep fakes, but besides that, he is a consultant expertizing in image and language processing, with experience in diverse domains, including medical, financial, cyber, sensors, ads, web, real estate and creative.
Eyal is also a failed entrepreneur, a social activist, a poet, and a new-media artist creating interactive installations and computer-generated art.
Eyal holds a Ph.D. in physics and is a Talpiyot graduate.
He is a mentor for Google Launchpad and gives lectures and workshops for both professionals and the general public.
We will try to find out what does he do besides AI – believe us, it’s not that easy ^_^

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