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Get connected with experts that match your criteria while donating the funds to the helpless communities

Get connected with the best mentors that match your criteria while donating the funds to the helpless communities

Our philosophy

Is that everyone on this planet needs great mentors at every stage of life to achieve success, in High Tech area, this is no exception. They help in nurturing personal and professional growth.
Learn technology, solve complex problems, prepare for future online interviews.

The Vision

Is “To Provide a Mentor to all seeking Knowledge and Growth” and we seek to develop the most innovative mentoring platform and inspire moments of success through active mentorship and expand cycles of responsibilities through the power of volunteering.


is to provide a unique platform for individuals to chase their goals with the help of active mentoring from our leading mentors. We bring together industry leaders and experts to share their vast Life experience on a volunteer base and wisdom to the mentees. Our objective is to assist people to overcome their fear of failure, conquer hesitation, survive in the face of competition and cover up the skills gap in a sustainable fashion and create additional help to NPOs in Israel.

So how it works?

A mentor is a volunteer who shares her/his time and knowledge and donates the proceeds to our supported non-profit organizations.
A mentee can have a professional mentor to escort him/her in their professional journey, in exchange, s/he donates cash.


Being a mentee is a commitment, the mentor can’t do your work, s.he can only escort and advise you.
Everyone needs a mentor, whether you are a newbie (haven’t worked yet in the field), an intern/junior (this is your first job),  junior+ (over 2 years xp), or an entrepreneur/startup/business.

  • Formulate your goal as much as you can
  • Choose a mentor and book 1-hour donation session (it is paid and the funds are donated to NPOs from our portfolio).
  • Practice with your mentor/s and achieve your goals.


Being a mentor means communicating with the mentee and help him achieve his original goal. You share experience and knowledge, and also give feedback on solving tasks that you are moving with the student.

  • Choose your optional time slots.
  • Choose an NPO from our portfolio to donate the funds for.
  • Begin mentoring and escort the mentee on his/her professional journey.

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There's a world full of business owners and employees out there who are seeking your valued advice and feedback.

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