Educational opportunities

Everyone has knowledge to share and the power to make an impact

A professional training platform where everyone can join as staff educators, and pay-it-forward with the donation of the tuition fee to non-profits.

Have you ever thought about being a

Being a thought leader takes a lot of work, by sharing knowledge with the community you stand out, empower the students and the community, build your professional network and brand and have a great time ^_^.
Besides of the professional benefit for all, we believe in giving back, therefore we continue pay it forward  by channeling 90% of the tuition fee to non profits organizations to the staff choice.
Meaning that it is double impact in a single actempower professional learning  & generate donations to your chosen non profit organization.

We have created a professional training platform where you can act as staff educators according to your experience and preferences and channel the tuition fee of your students to a non-profit.
The opportunities have variety of options for different commitments, target audience and roles.

There is a place and role for everyone, it is ok to hesitate – we are here to escort you.
If you have never been a lecturer, instructor, teacher assistant – we will help you to get there!

At the platform, there are dozens of opportunities according to your experience and preferences.
If you are a product manager, developer, tech leader, data scientist, hr, designer, business developer – there are many one-time/on-going opportunities for you.

Share knowledge, empower others, generate donations

How it benefits you?

Self branding

Stand out as a thought leader and social activist is a great branding strategy.

Sharpen your skills

Empower your skills by teaching others and being part of non stop learning environment.

Do double good

Educate others and generate donations – with a single act.
By helping others we actually help ourselves.

Build your network

When standing and reaching out, you connect to new experts in you domain and industry.

Platform teaser

So how does it work for me?

1. Create your professional impact profile

Add your experience, skills, goals & preferences to your profile so we can find the best options for you

2. Choose your preferred no profit

Choose whom to channel the tuition fee according to your 

3. Explore opportunities & apply

Choose the roles you wish to have as part of the programs’ staff

4. Train & prepare

In order deliver top quality value to the participants, we will help you to be prepared for your role

5. Execute and empower the world

Do you role, contribute the participants and generate donations to your chosen non profit

What can I do as staff?

  • Tech leader
  • Product manager
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Developer
  • HR


It’s easy: all we need is your email & your eternal love. But we’ll settle for your email.

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