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Empower your business while making a huge social impact

Being a thought leader takes a lot of work, by sharing knowledge with the community you stand out, enable your employees to grow, and spread the word about your expertise and brand.

We have created a professional training platform where companies’ experts act as staff educators according to their experience and preferences and channel the tuition fee of their students to a non-profit.

A special synergy of employer & employee branding, professional and personal development, and an effective customized social impact.

How it benefits you?

Employer branding

Stand out as a thought leader and social activist is a great branding strategy.

Talent acquisition

The participants are already filtered by professional relevancy, what makes them potential candidates.

Employees' development

Let them to empower their skills by teaching others and being part of non stop learning environment.

Impact multiplier

Educate others, improve your employees, brand yourself, generate donations – with a single act.

Multiply your impact while empowering your business.
Being a thought leader takes a lot of work, by sharing knowledge with the community you stand out, enable your employees to grow, and spread the word about your expertise and brand.

We create conventions, workshops, courses, conferences and mentoring programs.
By joining you will get marketing exposure as our sponsor and discounted price for your employees as students.

What does Give & Tech actually do?

Programs creation

Content moderators in the platform create programs according to the ecosystem’s needs, trends and opportunities

Program publication

Open registration for participants to master a new skill, and connect with new peers

NPOs get funded

90% of their tuition fee is donated to NGOs chosen by the staff

Staff onboarding

Educators in the platform can apply to be a lecturer/mentor in the program according to their skillset

Professional evolution

Students learn and educators practice their skills through teaching

Our crowd

Participants VS Years in the industry


Deep & Machine learning engineers

Entrepreneurs & Executives

Product Managers

Tech leaders

HR experts

Data Analysts


This is an opportunity to join the pilot as a design partner of our platform for employees and brand empowerment, with a unique social impact contribution.
Each employee will get tailored opportunities and guidance, according to his/her professional and personal goals, to take part in professional & educational programs as staff with minimal overhead (as a lecturer, mentor, content creator, etc).
The tuition fee is donated to non-profit organizations according to the staff decision.
Joining now as a partner will also allow you to enjoy discounted prices for employees as students.

About the platform

Let your employees express and grow

How does it work?


  • One-time setup:
    • Introduction session of the platform to your team – zoom/f2f, 30min.
    • Company profile preferences definition according to your future manpower needs with your relevant decision-maker – zoom/f2f, 30min.
    • Individual online onboarding for each employee, professional and personal profile, and preferences setup  – zoom,15min each.
  • Ongoing:
    • Options generation for each teammate.
    • Professional 1:1 escort and guidance – time can vary according to the individual’s needs.
    • Ongoing reports with stats about your team empowerment, engagement, company PR, and social contribution.


At the end of the setup:

  • Each employee will have his/her own private area with tailored opportunities to grow
  • The admins of the company will see the opportunities and stats for all of the company
  • At the end of the quartile, the admins will receive the CSR report
  • The company will have its’ public impact profile


We offer companies the opportunity to be exposed in our activities as a sponsor to a chosen track: program/domain/everything.
According to the track, the exposure includes:

  • Company’s brand in our prompted social publication (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Your brand will be mentioned in every official publication of the track.
  • Intro in our newsletter.
  • Stage time on our F2F sessions.
  • Presented as sponsors on our website.
  • Logo in the virtual and physical certificates of the track.

How does it look like?

Website credit
Event cover
Newsletter intro
Social media credit
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It’s easy: all we need is your email & your eternal love. But we’ll settle for your email.

Special price for early birds until 10.10.2020 🚀


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