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The Program

The program  aims to introduce children to the world of programming by learning simple and generic principles in the field.
We will teach about examples from common and interesting uses like app development and game development.
These tools help develop thinking and creativity and help pave the way for the great technological world with us. We will strengthen our independent learning abilities, logical thinking and especially our self-confidence by creating digital.

The class will take place in the form of a weekly frontal meeting lasting two hours, which includes theory  + practice.
The course period coincides with the school year and will take place between October and June inclusive.
The class will be taught in-person and in Hebrew.
Meeting hours are 16: 00-19:00.

It is a payed program and 90% of the proceeds will be donated to chosen NGOs by the staff.
The program is adapted for the sixth grades.
The syllabus is based on classes.

Who is it for

Fifth and sixth grades, with basic English and a commitment for at least 80% attendance.
Most of the students will be from the southern region of Tel Aviv.

The syllabus

There are 3 main blocks in these journey, in which the students will gain the fundamentals and confidence to create their own vision.
We will begin with computer and code building blocks to understand what’s going on under the hood.
Afterwards, the graphical interface, how to communicate and control objects.
At last, how to plan, define and build a game.
Each block contains sessions of theory and practice, and a closer project which will be presented to their classmates and staff.
The students will finish the journey with a final project of a computer game they have planned, defined and created – it will be proudly presented to the community of Biet Dani and their families.

The program manager

The program managers are volunteers who:

  • Desire to teach kids, have the patience and tolerance to explain, listen, guide and mentor
  • Organized, communicative, willing to bridge between the different instructors
  • Want to do an on going followup with the students using in-person talks and surveys
  • Will take part in the coordination of the program between the staff and the students

The instructors

The instructors are volunteers who:

  • Desire to teach kids, have the patience and tolerance to explain, listen, guide and mentor
  • Willing and can commit for and significant part of the program (at least 1.5 months)
  • Have at least 2 years experience in the tech sector as developers
  • Want to work as a team and make an impact on the future generation

I want to be in the leading staff

Knowledge sharing is the ultimate form of learning, contribute and assist others

VOLUNTEER AS an instructor/program manager

Take part in educating the future genetarion


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